The Team

Heather Skoll — Founder

Heather is a Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Certified Rubenfeld Synergist, and Distinguished Toastmaster. With 40+ years of experience, she has seen how clients have wanted ways to further their wellness journey at home on their own terms. 

“Several of my clients had to do prescribed physiotherapy exercises, but would have liked to incorporate breathwork, yoga, and relaxation exercises into their routine. They didn’t have the knowledge how to transition or combine their exercises without disrupting their flow. 

After my knee replacement surgery in Fall 2022, I began to understand how time consuming and disruptive it is to go through 3-4 different workout routines just to get a complete workout.

I created Somable as a way for wellness to be accessible. You are able to create, manage, and control your own wellness journey. The technology of our app allows you to create your own program, with support from professionals, that targets your goals. You work on your own terms, control the pace, explore 100+ videos to accommodate all of your needs, connect with a community of wellness professionals, book appointments – all at your fingertips.”

Harleen Kaur Taunque

Harleen Kaur Taunque — Co-Founder

Harleen has a Masters in Engineering (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Graduate Diploma in Business and Entrepreneurship, Certified Scrum Master(CSM), Certified SaFe Agilist, and vast experience in Software, IT, and Project Management. Immigrating from India to Canada, she understands first-hand how crucial it is to make wellness accessible. 

“I have been going to physiotherapy and acupuncture sessions for over a year. I found it difficult to remember the exercises, and create a workout that was enjoyable, easy to follow, targeted all my goals, and gave me control over my wellness. 

When I heard about the Somable app, I knew it was the solution to my problems. The app allows me to create goals, target all my needs; my mind, body, emotions, and spirit. The app leaves me feeling like I got a complete workout, like I’ve covered all my bases.

I love that the Somable app gives me control over my health, and makes wellness accessible. It allows me to manage my wellness journey, exercising at my own pace. It gives me access to my existing health practitioners, and allows me to discover new ones near me. Traveling between India and Canada, this makes wellness accessible, and helps me manage my wellness no matter where I am.”

Marina Layton — Graphic Designer

Marina is a bi-lingual Graphic Design student with over 7 years of experience in the design industry. She attended University of Waterloo where she studied computer science for a year. Now she is completing the 3-year Graphic Design program at Georgian College. Marina has vast experience in UX/UI, Graphic Design, Project Management, Fashion Design, and Digital Marketing.

“When I heard about the Somable app, I knew it was a project that I wanted to be part of. I believe wellness and access to knowledge / education on mental health, emotional wellness, and physical wellness, should be easily and readily accessible to everyone. The idea of being able to access hundreds of wellness videos, guided by certified professionals all over the world, to improve your health and wellness from anywhere in the world at anytime, would completely revolutionize and enhance our society.

I love that this app will make wellness accessible, but also give people back control over their own health & wellness. I think it’s so important to give people all the knowledge, education, resources and information possible, so that they can make informed decisions for their wellness, and access the help of professionals whenever they need or want it.”